This Summer Learn the Visual Arts and the Art of Business in the beautiful Florence.

Serious Artists Cannot Miss the Summer Course jointly offered by ESE & The Florence Academy of Art

An extensive program to learn the visual arts and the art of business to establish a successful brand in the world of Art

[Florence, Italy] This summer, the European School of Economics (ESE) and The Florence Academy of Art (FAA) have come together to forge an unconventional partnership to offer students of the visual arts a truly unique learning experience. They will be offering a 4-week summer intensive programme and an optional 3-month internship that will help students learn about the creative as well as the business aspects of art.

ESE and FAA are both reputed institutions of excellence renowned for training professionals who are not just nuanced artists, but also innovative leaders, with the potential to revolutionize the art market. It is a lovely coincidence that this programme will be conducted at the heart of the Renaissance city of Florence, itself. It’s only befitting since this is another revolution in the world of art.

The summer program has been carefully designed to touch upon on all the important components of visual arts and business management. In this program, FAA is the partner responsible for taking students of all levels through a series of exercises aimed to develop their skills in visual art, while ESE will help the students see the business side of things.

FAA will offer program students the following fine art workshops:

  • Figure Drawing, the Academic Method

  • Painting the Figure in Oil

  • Portraiture, Techniques and Traditions

  • Still Life Painting

  • Figurative Sculpture

  • Landscape Painting human anatomy

Students will take inspiration from the masterpieces around them by exploring museums and galleries in Florence. The course will push students to visualize life as art. Their creativity will be stimulated, and they will gain confidence in expressing their artistic sensibilities. There is no greater skill for an artist than to learn to think freely and give form to his or her ideas.

The FAA university credits that students will earn upon completion of the course are accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD).

Once the students have honed their art skills, the summer programme switches the focus onto their business acumen. This is where ESE comes into the picture. Through its sessions, ESE offers students a taste of the art market. The subjects offered by ESE include:

  • Art Marketing & Business

  • Cross Cultural Communication

  • E-Business & E-Commerce

  • Fundraising

  • Leadership and Philosophy

For more information about the summer programme, write a mail to <[email protected]>

About ESE & FAA: ESE and FAA are highly esteemed European institutions that offer that offer highly coveted courses in a wide variety of disciplines. They have committed themselves to the cause of quality education through modern teaching techniques and practical experience. For more information on the courses, faculty or the admission process at ESE, please visit <> and for FAA, please visit <>

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