European School of Economics
The importance of internship programs – ESE case Study

Internship programs help students understand the industry and hone the relevant skills, making them market-ready and more employable Since the global recession of 2009, the economy of the European Union has not recovered fully. The unemployment rates have generally stayed high. According to Eurostat, the unemployment rate in the Euro Area for October 2017 stood […]

Il Bottaccio
European School of Economics – Hospitality Management

Tourism & the Hospitality industries are major economic and social forces throughout the world. The Short Course in Hospitality Management provides a basic foundation in business and management as applied to Tourism & Hospitality with particular emphasis on managerial and entrepreneurial activities such as hotels, restaurants, tour operators, events and conferences-all prime growth areas. Students […]

Short Courses Professional and Specialised Programmes

“Visibilia ex invisibilibus – from the invisible the visible. This motto truly embodies the winning philosophy of the School where new ideas thrive and contribute to teaching each student the importance of being an individual, a visionary capable of nurturing a dream of global proportion and to changing the destiny of the planet”. Elio D’Anna, […]