Live, Love Quito

Discover the insights of the beautiful capital of Quito

This Semester abroad opportunity is based in Quito, the nation’s capital. Quito has amazing weather and is famous for its eternal springtime conditions. The city offers rich history, architecture, friendly people and safe living conditions in which to grow and learn. Living and Learning in Quito is part of a 20-year-old organization called Youth World. We offer the amazing mixture of Adventure, Academic Excellence, Culture, Practical Experience, Language, Mission and Integrated Living as you participate in this Semester Abroad program.

Why Ecuador?

Living and Learning in Quito, Ecuador is a study abroad program available to students who desire to continue their college education in an international setting. Living and Learning in Quito will function under the supervision and guidelines of your North American institution. This semester is designed to combine classroom learning and practical internships in a unique and challenging cross-cultural setting. Along with receiving up to 16 units of college credit (must be approved by your academic institution), students will live, learn and grow academically, experientially, and spiritually. APPLY NOW While living in Quito, students will experience a variety of new cultures, gain a global perspective, and understand in a new way, the joys and challenges of studying abroad  in a cross-cultural setting. Students will enjoy rich interaction with teachers, faculty, and ministry site hosts in both a classroom setting, and one-to-one level. We believe this unique opportunity and community setting will lend itself to lifelong impact.

A full student map is under development to share with all education seekers and students in Quito and Ecuador , endless benefits and rich cultural programs