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Imitation May Teach You, But Inspiration Will Make You An Artist
Florence Academy of Russian Art – 3 Tips on how to become a Great Artist

We are surrounded by the works of artistic geniuses. Can you look up at the roof of the Sistine Chapel and not want to recreate Michelangelo’s masterpiece? Can you stare at Van Gogh’s The Starry Night and not wish for yourself to have been the gifted genius who produced it?

Founder and President of ESE, Elio D’Anna.
‘Ethics Esthetics Economy’ Forum held at the European School of Economics, Milan

Renowned Italian philosopher, Diego Fusaro, graced the stage accompanied by journalist Paolo Brambilla and the ESE faculty members.

The Florence Academy Of Russian Art
Florence Academy of Russian Art – Learn Traditional Techniques of Painting, Drawing and Composition

1-year, 3-year and short courses to teach 300-year old traditional techniques in visual arts.

European School of Economics to Tie Up With the University of Chichester

Starting January 8, 2017, European School of Economics and University of Chichester will come together to offer industry focused Business and Economics courses.

women in tech
Women in Tech – Firenze 10/11/2017

Eccellenze Italiane Nella Technologia

Aria Art Gallery
Save the date: Giovedì 26 Ottobre, Aria Art Gallery Firenze

Siamo lieti di presentare nella nostra sede fiorentina, in Borgo SS. Apostoli 40r, una selezione degli artisti rappresentati dalla galleria nella sua recente programmazione internazionale.


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