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The truth about the European School of Economics educational philosophy not only assists students in identifying a career path

Do Only What You Love!

The truth about the European School of Economics educational philosophy not only assists students in identifying a career path, but also encourages them to have the courage to follow a dream and passion – whether it be for the sports industry, finance, fashion events, travel, communications, or any other area. The undergraduate specialisations and short course programmes have been especially designed to offer students specialised training within a range of cutting edge business fields. The ESE internship programme, open to bachelor, master and ESE short courses students, is a critical competitive factor for achieving hands-on experience in a field of special interest.

International Leaders

ESE students are the future managers, leaders, and entrepreneurs of contemporary international business. The career opportunities available to ESE students are vast, with internship placements in countless fields and with organisations located around the world. ESE has established collaborations with more than fifteen-hundred leading international companies, including some of FORTUNE’S 100 Best Companies to Work For. The European School of Economics offers one of the most competitive university internship placement programmes available today, with many students being offered positions before graduation.

International Learning

The ESE centres provide students with a dynamic and challenging international learning environment, with students originating from more than 60 nations, and the ability to move between the centres in London, New York, Madrid, Rome, Milan and Florence.

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  • Michele Vietri
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    My name is Michele Vietri and I am a second year Management student of the Bachelor in Business Administration at the ESE campus in Florence. This year I was highly motivated to seek an internship abroad, preferably in Asia. I wanted to get to know and work with a totally different culture from mine. After two months of research together with the ESE Internship department, we found an interesting opportunity at a company in Beijing. The hiring process was a bit long and challenging due to some recruitment policies of the company, but eventually we managed and here I am now, at the other side of the world!
    I am currently working at the marketing department of Dezan Shira and Associates as a Marketing Assistant. The environment here is highly professional but at the same time friendly. They consider me as a person, not as a number, and I really feel part of the team. We were able to plan my internship according to my requirements, my goals and what I want to get out of this experience professionally speaking.
    My current role in this company is actually divided into four projects. First, I am managing a publication partnership project, that consists of finding partners for our editorial department. Secondly, I am doing market research about the differences between the various development zones of China. I am also following a variety of events and conferences on behalf of the company and finally I am responsible for the translation of articles for the Italian desk.
    I am very happy with this instructive and varied internship and it is a very good way of learning Asian business life in practice. Beijing is a busy world capital, but a fascinating city at the same time that lets me experience different aspects of Chinese (business) life: chaos and poverty, but also wealth, entertainment and wonderful works of art and history.

  • Claudia Chiari
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    I began my professional career in a Accounting firm in Tuscany, where I am still on the Board of Directors.
    Later I decided to change my road and moved my career toward the marketing and communication sector from which I felt attracted. Changing direction often requires a lot of time and with no doubts a lot of determination. When I finally decided to look for what I really desired to do in my life, it wasn’t so easy at the beginning and it’s maybe thanks to these difficulties that I came across by chance to European School of Economics.
    So I moved to London and completed an MBA in Milan Centre specialising in marketing: it was an environment in which I was constantly exposed to nationalities and cultures from all over the world. There I experienced first-hand the importance of cultural exchange and team work that allowed me to achieve to my fullest potential both professionally and individually. I learnt new skills such as working in multi-cultural teams, ‘glocal’ management issues, decision-making, planning and communication styles.
    Thanks to the school I took my internship in the fashion department of a press office in the centre of the city, working hard during the Fashion Week in September but it was amazing to breath the atmosphere of that world. At the same time I was carrying on my dissertation about marketing and branding’s strategies for fashion and luxury’s goods.
    Among all the lessons gained during this wonderful experience, there are some that I think to have learnt more than others: difficulties are useful to measure tenacity and they help us to understand if our desire really worths all the obstacles we are going to face.. I’ve learnt to say “why not?” to opportunities, instead of saying “no” because of the fear to loose. But first and foremost, I have realisedthat we have an inner power to make our own dreams come true. I think that for a real citizen of the world there are no barriers or constrictions and I hope to bring these challenging teachings learnt from this unique school always with me .
    Milan was the next stage of my professional development where I became involved in university and entrepreneurial projects and started working in communication as press office responsible.
    In 2009 I took on the role of sales and marketing manager for a German multinational company where I dealt with contacts and meetings with potential clients, negotiation and closure of contracts and marketing planning. The environment is young, dynamic and international and it’s offering me further opportunities for professional growth.
    I’ve always enjoyed writing, even more over the last three years. That is, when I moved my professional base to Milan I got more involved in this field working as an editor for both web and hardcopy publications. My passion for communication led me to expand my knowledge of the publishing sector where I am consolidating my experience as a journalist and head of external relations. I have been part of the editorial office of a leading publishing house in Milan since last year, and I write for their main quarterly magazine.
    A predilection toward the luxury sector was further intensified through various seminars, conferences and events that I took part in, with as much focus on editorial production and organisation as on magazines and web portals. I work with university professors, drawing up papers, mainly on marketing and luxury, and I am actively involved in the organization of masters where I am also involved as a teacher.
    I recently promoted a new series of books about luxury that started in 2009 with my publication “Everlasting Luxury – The future of inaccessibility”(Editrice le Fonti, Milano), the result of my studies and experiences in this sector where I try to take a snapshot of the world-wide new luxury scenario and its players.
    Everlasting luxury is the ultimate seed of luxury as we know it today and in which the evolution of the customer and market has generated a whole series of open-ended questions, including what are the implications of this change on the management of luxury products and services, do the existing marketing tools still apply and how does one go about funding and preserving a luxury brand. To this end this research sets out to investigate further and establish the boundaries of everlasting luxury.
    My next goal ? Going global with another book release ..

  • Alessandro Fracas
    / Reply

    I am from Varese ( Italy), and I got my bachelor’s degree in 2004 from the European School of Economics (ESE) in Italy.
    After my working experiences for “La Gazzetta dello Sport” (the most popular sport newspaper in Italy) and for “Juventus” football club, I worked for a Marketing/PR Agency in NY; which inspired and motivated me to start my own activity.
    In May, 2008, I established “Dermophisiologique USA LLC”, which imports 100% high quality Italian cosmetic products. The start-up was a big challenge, especially in today’s suffering market, but getting over this apparent obstacle has been the most exciting part of my career.
    I love being able to manage my business the way I feel it’s best for the whole organization.
    I have never been afraid to reach out to others and try new things; my philosophy is “Don’t worry about failing and don’t care about what other people think. Focus on doing your best and the rest will follow”.
    Dermophisiologique is a well-established Company in Italy; it has been operating in the Industry for 30 years, and it guarantees excellent products thanks to the support of constant research in partnership with several university’s scientific departments.
    This is one of the main reasons why today we achieve success in what we do.
    We landed prestigious accounts at the “Cesar Palace” in Las Vegas, and we now serve many Spas in New York City, Miami and Palm Beach.
    Starting a business is a challenge you can learn from: the entrepreneurial attitude is a way of life.
    My actual plan and goal is to “stay tuned”. Goals are just dreams projected in the future. ‘Dream big, start small,’ this is how I try to live my everyday life.

  • Blake Esterday
    / Reply

    There are two reasons why my experience at ESE has been one of the most rewarding and fulfilling periods of my life. First of all since my first day, every single person working for the School has supported me with the utmost genuine care and attention. With their compassion and work-ethic, the people of ESE have created an environment where the needs of students come first. In this way, the School is able to give students the support they need to “follow their dreams”. This customization comes about in many ways, for example in allowing students to chart their own path of study. I was given the opportunity by the Academic Department to take the foundational courses in the BA program before beginning my Master’s of Science. Even though I had never taken a business class before, ESE understood my potential and invested in my future. Another example of the type of atmosphere found in my experience at ESE is the personal attention given by Professors. This feeling is created not only by the small size of the classes, but also by the individual effort given by the Professors to go out of their way in guiding each student. Finally, the secretaries, internship department, financial aid office, and all other employees at ESE have greatly enhanced my experience – from answering all my questions to always helping me with the support I needed to succeed.

  • Elvera Strydom
    / Reply

    “I have an Honours degree in Psychology and was busy with my Masters degree in Research Psychology when I realised that as a creative person I did not want to work with statics and data day in and day out. For this reason I researched for the best educational institute where I can learn more about one of the things I love to do most. I found the ESE online and signed-up for the Event Management Certificate course at the London campus. I think this was one of the best decisions I have made in my life, it was a life changing experience.

    The course involved all aspects of Event Management – from strategic branding and marketing, financial themes as well as the actual planning of events. This scope of modules made it a course that one can benefit from even if you do not end up in the actual Event Management industry. The knowledge is priceless.

    I loved the internship part of it and was lucky enough to be an intern at Il Bottaccio – what an amazing experience!

    Another thing that made the course really special is the fact that the ESE is an international school and therefore you mingle with different cultural thoughts, ideas and lifestyles. I loved making new friends with all these students and although I am back at home, I am still friends with many of my classmates. At the ESE you become family.”

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