Hospitality Management
The programme comprises 4 modules. Each module entails one 3-Hrs session per week over 11 weeks, plus an optional 3-month internship programme upon completion of the 4 modules.

Tourism & the Hospitality industries are major economic and social forces throughout the world.

The Short Course in Hospitality Management provides a basic foundation in business and management as applied to Tourism & Hospitality with particular emphasis on managerial and entrepreneurial activities such as hotels, restaurants, tour operators, events and conferences-all prime growth areas. Students will gain an understanding of the changing social, cultural, economic and political factors, which influence the Tourism & Hospitality industries. Through its innovative programme suggesting an internship after the completion of the 3 months certificate with major hospitality and tourism companies worldwide, students will also explore the potential impact of
Tourism and Hospitality activities in a range of international contexts.

The Course is made up of 4 modules:

  • Contemporary Hospitality
  • International Marketing and Tourism Studies
  • International Business Decision Making
  • E-Business and E-Commerce

Internship (Optional)

Students who intend to participate in an internship must first undergo an assessment by the ESE Placement Officer. Upon being deemed eligible, host companies will be decided together with the Placement Officer who will assist the student in obtaining an internship at the company of choice. Candidates must submit a CV and undergo a successful interview for their acceptance.

Course Structure

Each module holds a weekly 3-hour class (total 12 hours per week, Monday to Friday)

  • Mid Term Assessment (30%)
  • Final Assessment (70%)
Entry Requirements

High school diploma or equivalent