European School of Economics – Matt Davis, Alumni 2004

Matt Davis
MBA in International Marketing, 2004

President’s Management Council
U.S. Department of Energy

PR & Communications
Washington D.C. – USA

Matt Davis joined The U.S. Department of Energy in 2014 after nearly 20 years abroad working in public and private sectors.  In 2015 he was selected as a PMC Fellow for the President’s Management Council Interagency Rotation Program, detailed to U.S. Department of Education in the Office of the Secretary (under the Honorable Arne Duncan).  Shadowing the Director of Executive Services, Matt served as a senior contributor to a Department-level business case on workplace productivity, he developed and facilitated performance group workshops, and produced video content for ‘SES Mentoring Mindset’ part of an OPM-sponsored leadership speaker series.

As a senior executive and a managing partner with Global Village Publishing & Media, Matt led successful media campaigns and he personally authored publications that showcased international profiles in Leadership.  Based in Dubai (United Arab Emirates), he led the company’s expansion with partnership franchises across the Middle East and Africa.  His innovation in corporate communications led to such projects as World Trade Center ‘Africa Initiative’, then headquartered in Cape Town and Johannesburg (South Africa) and represented stakeholder interests across 14 WTC Sub-Sahara locations. Matt’s extensive outreach initiatives received media coverage ranging from local radio segments to interviews on national television – with an extensive portfolio that includes media projects such as industrial training films for defense contractors, recruitment videos for the intelligence community, Discovery ID television programs, as well as content for the web TV series House of Cards.

Outside of work, Matt’s enjoys traveling with daughter who is currently studying ballet, modern dance, and classical piano in Florence, Italy. His personal interests include creative writing, photography, cooking, riding his Triumph Rocket motorcycle, training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu martial arts, and Krav-Maga self-defense systems. He also volunteers in his spare time with Arlington County Detention Center, where he mentors inmates under social services programs and prison reform initiatives.

Matt’s first language was Thai and a dialect of Lao (by the age of 4), while his father was stationed in Thailand as a military attaché.  He speaks native English, fluent Italian, conversational German, elementary Arabic, and basic Spanish. Born in Northern Virginia, Matt attended K-12 schools in Alexandria (after his first four years in Asia) and graduated from TC Williams, the celebrated school in the Disney film “Remember the Titans”.  Following his associate studies at Northern Virginia Community College, he enlisted in the Army and was later assigned as a security specialist while stationed to the Airborne Battalion Combat Team in Vicenza, Italy at the Southern European Task Force (SETAF – now AFRICOM).  While on active duty, Matt studied computer sciences and European languages through Defense Activity Non-Traditional Education System (DANTES) and would later use these skills as he transitioned overseas from military service to the federal workforce, in performing various information management functions throughout Europe. Matt earned an MBA from the European School of Economics, and his master’s thesis “Emerging Markets & Competitive Edge of Knowledge-Based Economies” was nominated for the Dubai Economic Research Award (DERA), which led to his early involvement with Global Village Publishing and qualified him years later for his current communications role in the Office of Fossil Energy.


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