European School of Economics – The institution of Dreamers

A few blocks from the banks of the Arno River and the shops of the Ponte Vecchio, sheltered behind large wooden doors on Borgo Santi Apostoli, lies a palace with a simple name: the European School of Economics.

Upon walking in the front door, the immaculate decorum of the school is immediately captivating. The school is a place where, like Florence itself, the renaissance meets contemporary vision. Red carpets powerfully mark the staircases, abstract art hangs from the walls, a grand piano on the main floor evokes a sense of wonderment and artistic adoration. Perhaps the most striking element is, despite the exquisite interior and seemingly intimidating appearance, it feels like a home. Upon entrance, there is an enveloping feeling that this is a sacred place, where ideas and dreams are put into action, without judgement or negativity.

ESE is known not only for being a school of economics, but also an institution of dreamers and philosophers. Offering various courses and a unique philosophical approach to learning, ESE distinguishes itself on many fronts.

ESE revolutionized academics in Italy.  In 1994, Elio D’Anna pioneered the first school in Italy to offer a bachelor’s degree program in English. This allowed students to migrate from across the world, to experience the cultural epicenter that Italy has to offer.
In addition, the school has “no borders.” Students are free to move to any one of ESE’s 6 campuses in London, New York, Madrid, Milan, Florence, and Rome. Each school is located in the center of the city, to allow students to truly understand their place in the field of their choice.

The professors are professionals and teach guided by experience. Students travel from around the world to be immersed in a class room brimming with ideas. They are taught the power in breaking away from mainstream thoughts, habits, and historic principles, allowing students to apply theory to reality. The school instills the ideals of the renaissance while cultivating an atmosphere of modernism and innovation in the young entrepreneurs of today.

No matter the course, the focus is on leadership through self-development, dreaming, and self knowledge. Students in the three-year bachelor program have a mandatory internship every year. This requirement pushes students to gain work experience and apply their knowledge of economics to the real world, which allows students to graduate with not only a bachelor’s degree but also work experience to set them apart from other graduates. The school is set up to give students hands on personal experience in their field of choice, so that they feel confident in their capabilities as professionals.

The school’s motto “visibilia ex invisibilus”, meaning from the invisible to the visible, epitomizes their ideology. The school embraces the philosophy of it’s creator, Elio D’Anna, author of The School of Gods and the Technology of the Dreamer, who says, “the world is as you dream it.” Instilling the idea that the only limitations on success are those limitations set within our own minds. At ESE, it is just as important to dream as it is to learn and understand the real world. Students graduate as ambitious leaders with the radical view that the only difference between a vision and reality, is the strength of the individual.

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Written by : Rylee Miller – Proimpact Marketing Consultancy



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