Elio D’Anna Speech

Where are the leaders of business who are able to face the challenges in front of them?

The job market is asking for young graduates, with international preparation and job experiences, but Italy can offer only unprepared, outdated young people. They are unprepared not only because they don’t have the faintest idea of what is happening in the world of organizations and work, but also, and above all, because they don’t know who they are. No one helped them develop their dreams. After years of study without a reason, frightened, they have changed their passion, the happiness of doing what they love, with the false certainty of a permanent job.

During the speech at the ESE Graduation Ceremony in Milan on 12 September 2015, I stated the need to recognise a revolutionary right, a right never sanctioned by a charter or claimed by a manifesto or a movement: “I affirm the right of young people to dream and see their dream come true.”

Getting a job interview and trying to be picked, waiting in line, in antechambers, and trying to find something to do and a boss who will pay you a salary, is below a decent level of dignity. A young person must be able to choose whether or not to create the company in which their career dream will be fulfilled. No one should be put in the condition of accepting a job under duress for a living.

To exercise this right, you must be prepared. You need schools of freedom, international, pragmatic and multicultural schools of economics and politics, which educate a new generation of business leaders, a ruling class of young pragmatic dreamers who can harmonise the apparent age-long antagonisms: economics and ethics, action and contemplation, financial strength and love.

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