Economy is a Way of Dreaming (INNER ECONOMY) – Elio D’Anna

We need to reinvent the economy, not merely restore it. The sustaining new economy is something coming from within, something governed by your inner being that will care for each other, for the natural world, and for the future.

There is no conquest of man, be it economic, social or scientific, that has not been preceded by an inner conquest. The scientific knowledge of a nation, as so its prosperity and the maturity of its institutions are the reflection of its level of being, of the extension of its ideas, and of the wealth of its values, of the strength and nature of its convictions.

The economy of the future, an economy of well-being must be created by men that love, by dreamers. To fight and win poverty in the world we must render bountiful our intelligence, nurture and elevate our being. Poverty and crime are illnesses of being. The individual must be overturned: he must free his psychology from conflictual thinking, negative emotions, from doubts and fear, and his ‘scarcity consciousness’. This is the individual revolution: a revolution of being. The slightest rise in a man’s level of being can remove the historic poverty of nations and entire civilizations, and can conduct eras of war and fear towards peace.

Behind the values of a man lies his ‘dream’. A man that has no ‘dream’ is destined to decay under the weight of social conflicts and of economic crisis. Our civilization, like a starship sent into space, travels towards a society of being where the value of ideas and the creativity in thinking prevail over action. The next psychological revolution will produce the shift to a more evolved economy – more subtle and intelligent, to a more efficient, idealistic and concrete capitalism, at the service of life on earth and of the evolution of man.

In this economy individuals inspired by an “ethical objectiveness” will emerge, cells of a new humanity capable of nurturing the dream of a global economy and of a politics of a planetary responsibility, people aware that individual, personal improvement is the basis for every progress made in society.

While changes in man’s psychology are slowly taking place, becoming simpler and lighter, the frontiers of the economy are changing accordingly, moving towards new spheres, towards the emerging industries of entertainment, art, fashion, music and sport.

The slightest rise in a man’s level of being can remove the historic poverty of nations and entire civilizations, and can conduct eras of war and fear towards peace.


An Economy of Being

A mere act of attention due to self-observation, may change your inner state, and get you into a better position in life.You know a lot about being in the wrong or right place in life, but very little about being in the wrong or right place inside yourself.But remember!  The internal is the very cause and so much more important than the external.You cannot expect to make the right decisions when you are in the wrong place internally, when your level of attention, of awareness is lower.When you are in a bad, narrow, evil place internally, the world that you yourself project becomes colder, denser, heavier.An economy of having -the only one man knows – is based on calculation,  programs, and plans which cannot deal with qualities, but only with quantities.  If you live in a merely external universe- a universe of having, nothing is possible for you – neither change, nor transformation, because transformation is a question of quality.Life can be transformed only by changing your dream – that is, by turning – something lower into something higher, something coarser into something finer.An ordinary man, a machine-man is a function of  nature, guided by nature and obedient to nature.A man who observes himself starts to work in a different direction, turning upside-down his own vision.A man of integrity, a fully understanding being, contains life, and through his Will can move mountains in the world of events.An ordinary man sees everything as opposites – a higher level of integrity sees all sides of a question simultaneously.In an inner economy, an economy of being, the amount of efforts is useless in comparison with the quality of those efforts.Your position and role in life is determined by the quality of your own being.

A New Man

A new species, completely transformed is about to appear on the scene. A new man, the “vertical man” is the man that has broken the psychological vortex and the old ways of thinking that have imprisoned the old humanity. The new man has a complete psychology, free from conflicts and that does not see only through opposites but sees reality made up of different layers, the levels of being. The central role that education will have in the new era of man must be deepened and this is vital for the survival and evolution of our civilization. New schools and universities that are able to express a system of vital ideas are needed in order to prepare this new species, a governing class free from conflicts, businessmen and managers capable of redefining the central concepts surrounding ethics, the economy and spirituality, a generation of leaders that are able to harmonize the seemingly apparent antagonisms of all time: economics and ethics, action and contemplation, financial power and love.

“I have dreamed a School that believes that happiness is economy…..that only a man who dreams can create wealth…..a School where a new generation of leaders will learn that economics is the Art of Dreaming…”

– Elio D’Anna, Founder and President European School of Economics

”INNER ECONOMY” will take place at The Ritz-Carlton, Istanbul , on the 13/05/2017 from 11.00 AM until 14.00 PM.



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