How the Creative Mind Works

The company Red Bull paved the way to a culture of energy drinks and coined the phrase “Red Bull Gives You Wings.” As an empire, Red Bull is not just an energy drink but a universe which revolves around extreme sports and adrenaline-junky stunts. To align with this concept, Red Bull recently sponsored the Felix Baumgartner jump from the middle of the earth’s stratosphere.  The 23-mile jump, became an international news event, igniting coverage on major TV networks where over 8 million viewers witnessed it and set off three trending hashtags on Twitter: #SpaceJump, #RedBull and #FelixBaumgartner.  

Thinking creatively is a state of mind that enables you to approach tasks, problems, and situations with openness to alternatives. Daring choices that disrupt the status quo, fuel innovation and entrepreneurship help to make you stand out and succeed. To take risks, you need to get comfortable with being a little uncomfortable. When you know how to handle discomfort, you’ll be better equipped to evaluate and adapt to generating creative ideas.

Whether you are working in the marketing field, a writer, artist, designer, developer, entrepreneur or any other occupation, there are limitless ways to push your own creative boundaries. Below are just a few steps to develop and cultivate your creativity.

Thinking Outside of the Box – 5 Easy Steps

What would you never do to solve the problem? Come up with far out answers that you used to think you would never consider. Even if you come to the same conclusion of excluding that far out option, it’s still exercise for your brain, like any other muscle you build or stretch.

Remote associations are concepts and ideas that might seem unrelated at first but essentially can be integrated into each other.  This is the essence of creative thinking. Practice letting your mind wander and to feel what comes up allowing the ideas to free flow and then finding unique ways to inter-connect them.

 To expand your creative horizons, surround yourself with a broad range of diverse perspectives and experiences. As the poet William Cowper wrote, “Variety is the spice of life.”  Seek variety in your day-to-day routine from what you eat, where you hang out, the types of art you look at, the places you travel, and the books you read.

Social Media is a valuable tool for creative development as it allows us to grow our potential. We often discuss important ideas with the same inner circle of colleagues however it might not bring an idea into new light. Find intelligent people who have little knowledge of your business or product and convey your ideas to them. The benefits of this include new solutions to problems and a different perspective to your concept.

 The most creative people are constantly on the lookout for interesting things. Observe the world around you and keep notes on unique ideas, images and articles. Watch viral videos and research effective advertising and promotion campaigns. You may find that it will come in handy to ignite your creative passion


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