Brand Story of The European School of Economics

The International Business School for the 21st  century


This is a brand story about an innovative School that is not yet widely known.

This is not to be unexpected for what is essentially still a new brand in the academic universe – it is the way all new brands start out in  life. But it is also because ESE is not a School for everyone. It is a School focused on the single individual, the insightful young person with a dream, who knows where he or she wants to go in  life.

There are hundreds, thousands of “institutions of higher learning” in the western world. Some are famous, most are not. It has also been said that “there is a school for everyone” – all one needs to do is choose.

So, the unasked rhetorical question: is anyone in the world today looking for a new school? A new college? A new university? Is there not already an ample choice available for anyone who has decided that an “advanced education” is necessary for realizing one’s own ambitions in life?

In other words, who is looking for a new School? And why?

The ESE brand story is conceived to provide an answer to this simple question.

Because ESE is unlike any other School… and this is its story.




“New Schools and Universities are needed – Schools that are able to express a system of vital ideas in order to prepare this new species, a governing class free from conflicts, businessmen and managers capable of redefining the central concepts surrounding ethics, the economy and spirituality, a generation of leaders who are able to harmonize the seemingly apparent antagonisms of all time: Economy and Ethics; Action and Contemplation; Financial Power and  Love.

Their first task is to teach the evolution of Being, and at the center of their attention and at the top of their every priority there must be the individual. The seed lies in the being of the individual. We have to start from within. It is an inside-out process like the healing of a wound.”

Elio D’Anna

ESE Founder and President

A School for Gods?

Or so it must seem to the proud parents of the new ESE graduating  Special for the graduates themselves. Special for their parents.   class. A warm spring day in Florence. The year is 2044. The European Special for the School. And yes, special for the future. School of Economics is fifty years old today.

A new Graduation Day for another  small  band  of  tomorrow’s  “The School for Gods,” written by the School’s founder, a visionary  leaders and entrepreneurs. In the courtyard of the world famous philosophical novel which foresaw this special day, and beyond. From Strozzi Palace – where more than twenty-five years earlier the the Dream within. To follow your dream. To be the best you can be. museum had hosted a significant world-class exposition on “Money Because your dream is the only reality that counts. The dreams of  and Beauty.” Not a casual coincidence for this special occasion.  Special students… the leaders of tomorrow.

“Dream is  the most real thing there  is.

Dreaming is the most powerful force you are endowed    with.

It  is  the nature of  Dreaming that can deal only with the    immeasurable.

Dream the  impossible and  it  will appear instantly before  you.

Dream! It is your dreaming which creates and projects  the  incredible world you  are  living in.”

 (from “The School for Gods”)

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