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Art is a substantial part of the atmosphere as the city is overflowing with masterpieces from the Renaissance, as well as the Gothic and Neoclassical periods. Life in Florence, Italy provides constant inspiration through the people, the architecture, the art and the history and also allows for interaction with other artists and artisans who value the traditional approaches to their craft.

The Florence Academy Of Russian Art

Since 2009, The Florence Academy of Russian Art (FARA) has been offering courses in visual arts. These courses focus on traditional techniques that hone the skills of the students to become well-groomed future professionals in the field.

TheArtFlorenceInternationalStudentClubFlorence ProlearningCentre

Frank and Laura are both classically trained artists. Their teaching academy is located right in the beautiful historic centre of Florence. The atmosphere is relaxed and the teaching informative with personalised step by step instruction for artists of all levels of experience including beginners.