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Aria Art Gallery

Aria Art Gallery is a modern art gallery in Florence that is located in a one-of-a-kind urban garden that dates its origins back to 16th century.  The antique tropical garden is the perfect venue for the realization of exhibitions and events that are hosted regularly by the gallery.

In its collection, Aria Art Gallery includes works by past icons, like Auguste Rodin, Amedeo Modigliani, and Andy Warhol, along with contemporary identities such as Burhan Dogancay, Carole A. Feuerman, Zhuang Hong Yi, Hassan Hajjaj, and Fabrizio Corneli. The gallery also shows the work of young emergent artists selected according to the “Aria Foundation” philosophy.

Galleria Bellini

Galleria Bellini, Located on the banks of the Arno, the Galleria Bellini is the collection of a dynasty of antique dealers that date back to the 18th century.  The galleria displays precious art pieces and objects owned by the Bellini family such as breathtaking antique furniture, bronzes, and robbiane.

Among the most valuable pieces are a bronze statue by Giambologna, a portrait by Tintoretto, a bust attributed to Donatello, a Madonna of della Robbia, Gothic and Medici tapestries, a fresco by the school of Giotto, and a closet carved by Sansovino.  The Galleria Bellini is a must-see for its rich history and beautiful art

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Aria Art Gallery timetable:

Monday till Saturday : From 10:30, Till 13:30 – From 15:30, Till 19:30.
Sunday: By appointments.

  • Address: Borgo Santi Apostoli 40 – Firenze. 
  • Telephone: +39 055 21 61 50

Galleria Bellini

  • Address: Palazzo Bellini , Lungarno Soderini, Firenze.
  • Telephone: +39 055 214031