Art & Culture Management in Italy

The programme comprises 4 modules. Each module entails one 3-Hrs session per week over 11 weeks, plus an optional 3-month internship programme upon completion of the 4 modules.

Art is a substantial part of the atmosphere in Florence, as the city is overflowing with masterpieces from the Renaissance, as well as the Gothic and Neoclassical periods. Florence is home to some of the greatest artists and designers in the world, it overflows with shops of every style and taste.  Its nightlife is lively; one needs only to step outside at night for a wonderful walk around the incredible architectural masterpiece that is Florence, or to enjoy the various options form restaurants, unique piazzas and venues.

The European School of Economics offers a Professional Program on Arts and Culture Management.  The structure of the course is designed to create innovative leaders within the visual arts and culture field. Upon the completion of the course, students will have the opportunity to enter the pathway of the international art world within.

The program combines rigorous coursework taught by professional docents and valuable on-site learning opportunities, in order to distinguish students within the public, private and nonprofit arts environment.

The European School of Economics – ESE , has a major network of museums and contemporary art galleries in Italy and all over the world . ESE (Florence) established a collaboration with Aria Art Gallery one of the most unique contemporary art galleries in Florence, Italy.

Aria Art Gallery  is a contemporary art gallery based in Florence, located in a exclusive venue with antique tropical garden, that goes back to 1534. Aria works closely with world class Italian and international artists and participated in local and international art fairs.

Here is the recent article written by ‘Living Corriere della Sera’ one the most important Italian Magazine about Aria Art Gallery. Click Here 

All the ESE’s students of Art &  Culture Management program, will have the opportunity to discover, experience and live the world of art , to gain a deep sustainable perspective of the dynamics of art & culture management.

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